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Cabinet Staining Vs. Painting – Which Is Better For You?

Your kitchen is all about cabinets, and the quality and technique of paint can affect their overall look. When you are ready to give your kitchen an update, you might be wondering if cabinet staining or painting is the best option.

If you’re mulling your cabinet painting options, K&H Painting and Construction LLC will help you decide with this ultimate guide on cabinet painting and staining. 

What Is Cabinet Staining, And How Is it Different from Cabinet Painting?

Cabinet staining involves darkening or enhancing the wood grain to create a richer, more luxurious look. This is achieved with various methods, including applying a dark stain directly to the wood or using a glaze to create the distressed look you want.

On the other hand, cabinet painting involves applying a layer of paint over the existing finish. This can transform your kitchen and give your cabinets an entirely new color and look. Still, it will not change the structural integrity of the wood itself. As such, both options should be accounted for before deciding.

The Benefits of Cabinet Staining vs. Cabinet Painting

Structural Stability

When considering structural stability, staining is the clear winner. A stain penetrates the wood, seeping deep into the grain. It creates a stronger bond that is less likely to peel or flake over time. On the other hand, painting forms a surface layer that can chip off over time and not withstand damage.


Regarding durability, paint is typically more resistant to scratches and marks than staining. However, staining is easier to touch if it wears off over time.


Staining can give your cabinets a more natural look. It is the way to go if your cabinets maintain a natural wood color and grain pattern. Contrastingly, by painting your cabinets, you can cover up the look of your cabinets and give the wood a consistent appearance.

What Is the Best Option for Your Home

The option depends on your cabinets’ material, the kind of look you want, and your budget.

Staining is the best option if your cabinets comprise natural wood and you want to retain their original color and grainy outlook. However, painting is your way to go if you’re looking for a more uniform appearance and concealing all the flaws beneath.

Painting is usually cheaper than staining as the latter involves more prep work regarding expenses.

Final Thoughts on Cabinet Staining vs. Painting

The best way to make an ultimate decision is by considering the existing condition of your cabinets and your taste. Before making the final choice, we suggest you have a professional service provider do a few samples to be entirely sure about the best cabinet painting option.

If you’re searching for professional cabinet staining and painting services in University Park, PA, look no further than K&H Painting and Construction LLC. With our extensive experience in painting, we will elevate the look of your kitchen, so your cooking space matches your taste.

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